Join the Team


Fly’N Aces welcomes all breeds, sizes, and speeds of dogs. Flyball is a great way to channel energy and create a lifetime bond with your dog. Your dog must be able to work well around other dogs, be current on vacinations, and fit for its breed.

After attending four practices, we will evaluate your dog to see if he/she is a good fit for the team, and you can decide if flyball is the sport for you.

If you determine that this is a good sport for you and your dog, we may ask you to join the team. There are weekly dues that go toward the rental of our practice space.

Team Goals

As a team, our goal is to compete in tournaments. We travel approximately three to four times a year. Most tournaments we attend are in Southern Utah and Southern California. There have been tournaments in Las Vegas, but they are few and far between at this time.

Attending tournaments is an important aspect of belonging to this type of team and in reaping the benefits of team spirit and camaraderie. We understand, however, that some team members may not always be able to travel to out-of-town tournaments due to other obligations.

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